How Gardening is helpful in Recovering Depression

Getting your hands dirty while gardening boosts Serotonin level, a happy chemical that is helpful in uplifting your mood & immune system

Recovering Depression

It may sound weird to ask a person suffering from depression to go out in the garden and do gardening. But according to research and many clinical pieces of evidence, spending time with plants is seen to have a positive impact on mental health.

Even if one doesn’t have space for outdoor gardening, one can try indoor plantation, as it is also impactful.


This method of depression healing is not restricted to any particular age group, and people of all ages can extract benefits from gardening.

According to researchers, green elements or plants seem to develop happy chemicals in our bodies. It helps in keeping depression and anxiety at bay. 


People were seen taking the help of plants during the pandemic. When people were stuck in their homes, they thought to make their house prettier by doing some plantation around the house.

Though they didn’t know that it will help them in battling the pandemic war with some positivity, not only mentally physically as well.


Here are a few things that can help one fight depression:

  • Get your hands dirty- When you get your hands dirty, it helps in releasing serotonin. It is a happy chemical, which is an immune system booster in our body. There are soil bacteria, which cause serotonin to be released in our brain. This is also the reason most people prefer doing gardening without gloves as it makes them happy.


  • It is a diversion- Technology has overpowered our normal lives and gardening becomes a diversion from it. It is a natural de-stressor. While we watch the plant grow, and bug becomes a flower, or new leaves come out, we feel happiness.


  • Building strength and creativity- How to keep your plants healthy? What color of pots will be your next addition to your garden?  Digging, raking, and moving are calorie-dense activities that burn an equal amount of calories as a gym workout.


Thus we suggest that if you are feeling low, or suffering from depression, gardening is the key.

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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