Meet Dr. Meeta Nihlani – Healing Body, Mind & Soul

Born in Mumbai and got married in Raipur. She has grown in all these years as a person, as a mother, a healer, a teacher and a student.



It started off as accidentally landing into the Homeopathic realm, after not being able to score for the conventional allopathic college.

The very first lecture of “Organon”, Homeopathic Philosophy made her commit the rest of her life to Homeopathy. She was fortunate to meet and receive training from some of the great masters. In 1991, She started working on “THE SENSATION METHOD”, which helps understand the deepest patterns of disease.

She felt a void in the area of learning. As Homeopathy is an Art and Science, they need to exchange their skills and techniques to grow each day, apart from studying.

They formed a study group with Homeopathic Practitioners to practice.

Over a period of time, she started teaching Homeopathy to fresh graduates and share her experiences with them so that they can understand the importance of it.

This gave birth to her Institute, Research Institute of Classical Homeopathy (RICH) in 2008.

She had a dream of bringing the concepts of holistic healing under one roof. Her dream venture is The Anahata Healing Foundation. She tries to make disease-based groups for meditation and healing and teach them concepts of self-healing.

They conduct weekly meditations and self-healing workshops which can be availed free of cost for people to help.

doctorHer family has always been a source of inspiration. Her parents, her better half, Anil who is her lifeline. He has always supported her in all my endeavors. She is blessed with two children, Aditya and Aastha. They are the anchors of her life.

She gets inspiration from my mentors and attending conferences and workshops gives her an opportunity to meet like-minded persons and expand her horizons.

Meeta loves when art and the artist become one, when the dance and dancer become one, then the art becomes spiritual.

She believes in being child-like with ever-increasing curiosity, living and learning each moment. Connect to the child within and start loving yourself at the deepest aspect of your being.

You are an amazing gift of God

Happy birthday, mam!

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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