Meet Pinki Lalwani : An Entrepreneur born and brought up in Raipur.

She did her schooling at Salem English School. She was married at the age of 19 and she says her journey started after her marriage.

She had a passion to do something from the very beginning but due to some family situations, she wasn’t able to. Her passion is something that made her step out of her home and inspire the women around her. She is the only woman in her family who is now an entrepreneur.

As for every individual, her journey was also full of ups and downs. She started her career as a school teacher. Soon after they had a plan of opening a small food zone to showcase her cooking skills.

Since the first day of this food zone which was before named “The Royal Food Park,” people started loving the taste and ambiance. As the days passed by she got so many projects and turned her homegrown brand into a catering business.


She never looked back after that time and she is happy that people now praise her for her work. People know her as an entrepreneur and the way she deals with her situation is worth appreciation.
Soon they changed the name of their food zone to “Spice India” and made it fine dining.

Actually, people know her for one more reason, SANTOOR MOM. She is the mother of 3 kids and believes in living and enjoying each and every moment of her life and the life-changing thought which she believes is, do your work you’ll get the result one day! She is more of an optimistic person and has catered to over 400 events within this time span.

The most surprising thing she believes in her life happened was her first order of catering which made her popular and which gained so much appreciation.

The Royal Food Park


She considers herself as her inspiration because she did everything on her own with the support of her family. She says her husband is the one who made her this strong and let her fight with the world.

We salute such a personality!
Happy birthday Mam!

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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