Meet Luzina Khan : A Sufi and Travel Photographer.

Luzina likes to travel solo as she doesn’t depend on others & wants to be her own will. By the way, she loves berries and waterfalls to look at!

Born and bought up in Raipur, she did her schooling from Holy Cross Byron Bazaar and then did BCA for a year. After a year she realized that she doesn’t belong to any traditional course and wanted to do something different than the others. She searched and found product designing interesting and did a product designing course from Jaipur.

During her course, they had to interact with the artisans, and the locals for the understanding of the local arts and she fell in love with that. When she got a job, she was not able to adjust herself to just an office life. She talked to her parents about that and after working for two years, quit her job, bought a camera from the vehicle’s money.

waterfallRead about solo traveling and started traveling solo in 2015 at the age of 20. She likes to travel, explore their culture and interact with the locals. This started when she traveled to Kashmir. After that, she went to Bastar and for two years, she went there to shoot the life of the locals. Her pictures then went for calendars and brochures.
When she started, she didn’t have a proper subject to shoot on and clicked random images but after reading about photography, she decided to click the festivals of India.

For a year she went places to places to click their local festivals. Her travel pictures were nationally and internationally recognized. There were many articles written about her and her work. It took her 1-2 years to gain recognition, and through social media, she started getting invites to review places.


” A person should have the guts to follow their passion, to experiment with their life. Until the person tries their limits and takes risks, they can never explore themselves. Along with all this, family support is a must. And she always has it” – Luzina Khan.

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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