Vanita Sonkar : A Model, Judge and Event Manager from Rajnandgaon

She was interested in modelling since standard 12th, but before she can fulfil her dreams, she got married at an early age.

Vanita started her career as a model after the birth of her two children.

She was approached by one of her friends to judge for a modeling show and motivated her that she can do it, so after 12 years of marriage, in 2014, she started being a judge for models and fashion shows.


She has judged shows like Chhattisgarh Icon, Navbharat Fashion Show, etc. Was also invited to be a super judge in IIBA. She says that it was a tough task for her as all the responsibility comes upon the shoulder of the Super Judge.

She became an event director and started doing events for the youth to showcase their talents. Since 2018, she has hosted around 4 shows, which include- CG Icon, Mr. and Mrs. Orrisa, and Kids Orissa. She says that it feels really good when the young boys and girls look up to you as a mentor or an inspiration.
After all these, she thought of trying doing modeling herself. Later she was crowned as Mrs. India 2018.

Her family and friends always supported her. She also loves to do social work and to help needy children. She never went to the gym and consider yoga as the best way to stay fit.


“If I was not able to fulfill my dreams as a Miss, I can do it as a Mrs., right?” – Vanita Sonkar


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