Shantanu Gupta : Owner of “The Recording Room”

“Nothing is difficult to learn in the age of internet and technology,” Says out multi-talented birthday personality Shantanu Gupta.

“Nothing is difficult to learn in the age of internet and technology,” Says out multi-talented birthday personality Shantanu Gupta.


Shantanu was born in Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh and was then brought up in Raipur. He owns a recording studio called ‘The Recording Room’. It is an industry-standard studio where he does music production. He also does live musical shows and is part of a band.

He was pursuing a Ph.D. in English, which he dropped to focus on his musical career. Right now, he is pursuing sound engineering through online courses to learn the mechanics of sound mixing so that he can do that in his studio.


Other than being a musician, he is an athlete too. He has 13 years of experience in professional cricket. He has represented CG in the state as well as national-level cricket.

Shantanu was into cricket since childhood, but in the later years, he developed an interest in music as well.

Shantanu played cricket till his post-graduation, and by that, he got the opportunity to travel most of India. He was also part of the BCCI under-19 team.

Shantanu was an assistant professor for English literature, but when he realized he would not be able to do a 9-5 job, he started his music studio.

They produce music for movies, covers, and many more. In World Culture Fest (WCA), his song stood 2nd internationally. He was in media for a long time and got recognition.

Shantanu has done more than 300 shows and also has played many national-level crickets. He is associated with Art Of Living and does social work as well.

Shantanu loves working on his original compositions. He wants to raise the standards of CG music and make it reach the global level.


For that, he is learning engineering from an engineer in London.

When he makes people smile at his work, that makes him feel proud of himself and that many people inspire him, and he thinks that he finds it in every person he meets.

Nothing can stop you from doing anything in this world of advancing technology.

There have been so many social media apps that are working as a platform for artists, and the internet is an academy from which you can learn anything. Just keep working hard to reach your destination.

Happy Birthday, Sir!✨

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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