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Indulge in some home activities and learn something new in quarantine with @blahblahsandy @clinkerz_
Best Outta Waste !

We surely have empty milk, soft drink, alcohol bottles at home. Let’s just paint it abstract and give it a new life. Rather than throwing into the bin you can paint it with spray paint, acrylic paint and use it is a home decor item. If a fairy light is handy which I am sure is handy, then you can put the light inside the bottle from the top and use it as a table lamp. You don’t need any special skills or tools to decorate your cozy corner with bottles that comes in different shapes & colors.

We kinda love – hate this lock down !

Let’s just utilise this time to learn something that we have long wished but could not find time to go for it. This is the right time to make that happen rather than binge watch on Netflix.
There are hosts of courses available online at throwaway prices. So choose the one that suits you.

You can also utilise this lockdown time to sharpen the learning curve through some online courses & podcasts!
Online Courses – Udemy
Podcast – Amazon Audible

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