IGC: India Grooming Club-Royalty and luxury for every man

An emerging brand that curates grooming products especially designed for men.

IGC: Well, when it comes to the word “Grooming” and “Skin Care”, the first thing that comes to most of the minds are images of beautiful women having flawless skin portraying their rituals. Ok now, readers please STOP imagining them and come back to the article!

What about men? In the era when every aspect follows the principle of equality, why do women have all the fun in this. Right? Dear men, you have all our support and the support of a brand exclusively for YOU., where no woman has her place unless she intends to gift you.

We are talking about an emerging brand that curates grooming products especially designed for men that has taken over the show.

Established in 2015 by Sameer Shah and Tanmay Shah, IGC has etched its footprints on the grooming industry. The key theme that whirls around every product is “Royalty”. Because this is one of the important factors that differentiates “real” men. Also, they have a sense of luxury so that every man enjoys a feel of knighthood.

The brand has captured the market launching its products on various e-commerce websites including Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart and others with a number of bestsellers. Their wide range of products include skincare and haircare products like soaps, perfumes, shampoos, face washes and even shaving razors and brushes. To add on they also have gift sets for anyone who wish to make their man feel “special” on special occasions. And why not! Men too deserve it. These kits also serve the purpose of trail before purchasing a big size product. Moreover, all their products are paraben and SLES-free, anti-dust, anti-oil and keep the skin hydrated. All these under one roof, that too specially for men! Well, that’s something called a Revolution. Kudos to IGC!

We at Tathastu are privileged to be a part of such an innovative firm in handling their social media accounts. We work dedicatedly to bring the best content, schedule calendar for their posts to enhance their presence in these platforms. We are committed to serve the firm in the best possible way.

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Written by Tathastu Buddy

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