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Skincare Camp Immersively Helmed by Dr. Nikita Jain

On Women’s Day, Vikramshila Kids Academy in Raipur hosted a sensational Skincare Camp by Dr. Nikita Jain.

Transitioning into the details of the event,

Attendees were greeted with a wealth of knowledge as Dr. Nikita Jain shared invaluable skincare tips during informative sessions. From tackling common skincare concerns to unlocking the secrets of a flawless complexion, participants were empowered to take their skincare routines to the next level.

Skincare Camp


But the excitement didn’t end there! The Skincare Camp also featured hands-on DIY skincare workshops where attendees rolled up their sleeves to create personalized skincare products using natural ingredients. From rejuvenating face masks to nourishing body scrubs, participants explored the art of skincare craftsmanship under Dr. Nikita Jain’s expert guidance.

Skinecare Camp



The event included interactive Q&A rounds with Dr. Nikita Jain, allowing attendees to seek personalized advice and solutions for their individual skincare needs. Whether addressing concerns about aging, acne, or sensitive skin, participants benefited from Dr. Nikita Jain’s expertise and tailored recommendations.

Skincare Camp


As an added bonus,

Attendees were treated to complimentary skin analysis sessions, where professionals assessed their skin type and offered personalized insights for optimal skincare regimens. Additionally, the Skincare Camp buzzed with excitement as attendees eagerly participated in thrilling giveaways, with lucky ones walking away with coveted giveaways by Health Adda.

Skinecare Camp

In conclusion,

The Women’s Day special Skincare Camp at Vikramshila Kids Academy was a resounding success, offering women a unique opportunity to indulge in self-care and empowerment. With Dr. Nikita Jain at the helm, attendees were guided on a transformative journey towards healthier, glowing skin.

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Skincare Camp

Skincare Camp Immersively Helmed by Dr. Nikita Jain